STOP Access Midstream from Using More Out-of-State Companies

Access Midstream is in the midst of building a $1 Billion dollar midstream infrastructure. Unfortunately thus far much of the work to build these pipelines and processing plants is being preformed by out-of-state contractors who bring with them their own out-of-state workforce. Even the media has shined a light on the fact that Access Midstream does not hire locally. Now its our turn to follow through and let it be known to Access Midstream we need Ohio Contractors and workers building our shale development network.

They have one last major project to bid out. Its a multi-million dollar processing plant which will be built just outside of Leesville, OH in southwestern Carroll County. Please contact Access Midstream and let them know enough is enough we demand they follow through on their local job creation promises!

Email Access Midstream’s Ohio Operations Mgr:

Call their Ohio Headquarters: 330-456-7253

Tell them Ohio shale projects need to result in Ohio jobs. HIRE LOCALLY!

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