Out-of-State Pipeline Company Moves to Columbiana Co.

We don’t know for sure what energy company contracted work to this outfit which prompted their move into Salem, OH. However, based on past experiences and track record Access Midstream is a strong possibility.

The company, Sunland Construction, is an outfit with questionable local hiring practices. The type that are here today and gone tomorrow when the work drys up. In the meantime out-of-state companies are great for raising a community’s rent prices and driving families out of their homes.

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  1. anthony April 16, 2014 at 3:54 pm #

    i have applied to this company several times. in person and email.etc. with no replies. i did a bit of research and found out sunland const would rather employ out of state workers than bother with hiring and training local people in salem and surrounding columbiana county etc.

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