Case Study – Monroe County

The Protege Energy Well Site in Monroe County

Protege Energy II, LLC, of Oklahoma constructs and operates three gas and oil wells in Monroe County, Ohio, in Ohio Township (named Michael, Eisenbarth and Dangel well sites). In fact, one of the out-of-state’s just two “focus areas” for oil and gas extraction is Northeast Ohio (To see a map, click here.)

Protege entered into a Road Use Maintenance Agreement (RUMA) with the county, as it is anticipated that the number and size of construction and well-operation vehicles that will use the roads around the wells are so great that they will cause damage to the roads.

Within that RUMA agreement is a list of sub-contractors being used by Protege Energy (Appendix A2/Page 15 on the PDF file). This list reveals that of 30 subcontractors being employed on two Ohio well sites in Monroe County, only six (6) of those are Ohio-based subcontractors. As a matter of fact there is more than double the amount of Texas Compainies (13) on the list than Ohio businesses. A look through all of the out-of-state contractors, reveals that there are qualified contractors within Ohio who can offer the same services to Protege Energy on its Ohio-based wells.

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(List is on: Appendix A2/Page 15 on the PDF file)