North Dakota’s Oil Rush Lures Chicago-area Residents

North Dakota has no large metropolitan areas from which to draw people from to work in their state’s rapidly expanding shale gas/oil industry. Thus like this article points out people are making the move all the way from Chicago and Minneapolis to work in the Bakken Shale play oil fields. Ohio on the other hand is home to six cities with more than 100,000 residents and higher than average unemployment rates. The Utica Shale should create jobs for Ohioans. Energy companies have a vast amount of people from all different backgrounds to draw from to use in this industry. Some companies like Mark West are helping out Ohio’s economy and using our state’s residents and contractors who hire locally. The Utica has the potential to help turn around Ohio’s big cities struggling economies but we need companies such as Chesapeake Energy and Access Midstream to utilize the state’s talented labor force.

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