Letters to the Editor

Read letters to the editor submitted by concerned citizens.

Energy Companies Giving out “Legal Bribes” in Carroll County

(Free Press Standard – May 1, 2013)
It’s been amusing to wtch the oil and gas companies coming into Carroll County over the past year and giving out their “legal bribes” to various entities… Read More>>

Carrollton Mayor Understands Need for More Local Hiring

(Free Press Standard – March 27, 2013)
As a member of the Ohio Laborer’s Union and Business Manager of Local 1015 of Canton, I was part of the group peacefully assembled outside the courthouse… Read More>>

Government Should Specify Drilling Jobs For Local People

(CantonRep.com – September 4, 2012)
Government is not standing behind the citizens. Government should make these companies hire local people… Read More>>

Local Workers Need The Jobs

(The Herald Star – September 2, 2012)
Where are the jobs at? The shale oil and gas industry currently drilling away in our area claimed to be the savior of working-class people in Jefferson County. As a construction laborer for 33 years, I figured this would be good for me… Read More>>

Companies Should Hire Local Workers

(The Herald Star – August 19, 2012)
It appears that the saga of the gas and oil industry not hiring local workers has resurfaced again. Last month, members of the local… Read More>>

Local Workers Need The Jobs

(The Herald Star – July 8, 2012)
Oil and gas companies are coming to the Ohio Valley with the promise of jobs and economic revitalization. Our area is eager to welcome them here, and many feel it’s the boost we need… Read More>>

Chesapeake Energy’s Actions

(Free Press Standard – July 3, 2012)
It is important to make the public aware of Chesapeake Energy’s actions. They are hiring and employing out-of-state contractors who bring with them employees who pay no state or local taxes… Read More>>

Promise Of Good Jobs A Shame

(The Herald Star – June 10, 2012)
The promise of well-paying jobs by the shale fracking lobby is proving as empty as the heads of those who believed it from the outset. Take a look around and ask friends, neighbors and relatives.. Read More>>

Out Of State Workers In Carroll County

(Free Press Standard – June 5, 2012)
As a resident of Carroll County, I would like to know why people from different states can work right here in my backyard while someone like me cannot find any work… Read More>>