Invasion of Out-of-State Workers Prompts 10 Brand New Hotels

Who needs a scientific study for the lack of Ohioans not getting shale jobs when the proof is right in front of our eyes.
According to an article by Crain’s Cleveland Business Journal an unbelievable 10 hotels are in some form of planning with seven already having broken ground.

Guernsey County alone is slated for 4 new hotels to open up by next year. A big increase for an area where the biggest town, Cambridge, is home to barely 10,000 people.

And speaking of breaking ground two of these hotels are springing up in Carrollton. As par for the course politicians in Carroll County think more out-of-state workers are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Carrollton Mayor Frank Leghart had this to say, “It is going to bring a definite change to the employment status.”

Oh it sure will Mayor Leghart. In fact Lori Brookshire of Sky Hospitality, the St. Petersburg, FL company that will manage the 80-room hotel pegs it at less than 20 jobs. She says, “Generally, when we open up a Microtel Inn & Suites, they employ 15.”

So there you have it local politicians eager for that handsome 80:15 ratio of out-of-state versus local jobs. I wonder what they think of all the state and local income taxes we’re missing out on?



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