Gas Drilling’s Effect on Roads Being Addressed staff writer
Posted Jun. 7, 2014 @ 10:22 pm

Drilling for oil and natural gas means heavy truck traffic on the streets and highways leading to well pads or processing sites.

Semis haul construction equipment and heavy drilling gear to a site. Once a well is drilled, more semis haul water, sand and chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing. Sometimes thousands of trips are made to a single site.

It’s the kind of truck traffic that can crumble an asphalt surface and cut deep ruts into gravel country roads.

Since companies started drilling into the Utica Shale formation in 2011, they have been working deals with counties and townships aimed at ensuring roads leading to drilling sites are maintained and repaired. That prompted state officials to become involved, which led to legislation on RUMAs, or road use maintenance agreements.

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