TEXAS Pipeline Contractor WillBros, Infiltrates Small Ohio Town

Sometimes in life things play out exactly how someone envisions them. This sentiment rings especially true for Willbros, Inc. CEO Randy Harl. He predicted in November of 2012 how the Utica Shale play would bring opportunity for his ‘crews in Texas’. So much for coming to a community and utilizing the local people in the area. Here’s Mr. Harl’s quote in full from the Q3 2012 WillBros Group, Inc. Earnings Conference Call:

The Utica is finally presenting us with a number of pretty large opportunities with pretty long pipelines, as well as the shorter stuff there. That could provide some winter work that could put some of our crews in Texas to work, so generally across all of that, we’re seeing a lot of strength.”

Fast forward to June 2013 and CEO Randy Harl’s dream of his Texas crews taking Ohio’s jobs has come true.

644: The number of out-of-state workers on record WillBros claims are working in Ohio.

83%: The percent of their workforce from outside of Ohio.

For the very few Ohio workers WillBros employs they get the short end of the stick compared to their Texas counterparts. WillBros rewards their out-of-state workers with a $100/day per diem; while Ohio’s workers get a $0.00/per diem and a $15.00/hour paycheck. With NO per diem, NO health care, NO retirement,  and NO fringe benefits at all.

One would think a Wall Street traded corporation such as WillBros, Inc. (New York Stock Exchange: WG) would provide a decent standard of living for their workers. Instead Ohio’s citizens get the short end of the stick.

The numbers do not lie. This is what WillBros, Inc. has done to Carrollton, OH. A tiny village nestled in the booming gas and oil hillsides of Carroll County is now populated by outsiders taking over housing once occupied by generations of native folks. To top it all off the very few Ohio people they employ get dead end jobs with ZERO benefits and not even a living wage. Companies like WillBros come in and instead of fostering a community they destroy it.


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