Blue Racer Project Awaits Results from Northern Utica

PITTSBURGH — An executive from one of the major midstream companies developing the Utica shale in Pennsylvania and Ohio says it still wants to develop a processing network in the northern tier of the play, but won’t move forward until producers feel more confident about oil and gas production there.

“When you look at Trumbull and other counties where there’s been a lot of drilling going on, the results haven’t been as good,” compared to wells drilled 100 or more miles to the south, observes Jack Lafield, CEO of Caiman Energy and Blue Racer Midstream.

Blue Racer, a partnership between Dominion and Caiman Energy II, is building a pipeline and processing network throughout eastern Ohio’s Utica shale, Lafield said Thursday at the Hart Energy Marcellus-Utica Midstream Conference.

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